A Great expert since 1911 at 48 rue de Rome, a violin maker and restorer , he was born in Mirecourt in 1880. He served his apprenticeship in Mirecourt at Grillon’s, Gustave Bazin’s then at Leon Mougenot’s. He worked at Auguste Deroux’s in Paris, then at various foreign makers in Geneva, Luiz, Augsburg and Stuttgart. In 1909 he settled in rue de Clery and then in rue de Rome in 1911 . He died August 14, 1954.


A great violin and viola maker of Italian inspiration, restorer and expert, he was born in Prague in 1926. He served his apprenticeship in Mirecourt at Rene Jacquemin’s and Louis Bazin’s then worked with Roger and Max Millant when he arrived in Paris. In 1948 he joined Charles Enel as an assistant. In 1960, he took over the house of his master and
primarily carries on with a carreer of violas creator. In 1978, he moves to settle at 46 Rue de Rome.


An expert of quartet instruments, of high restoration of violins, violas and cellos and an expert at auctions, he was born in Paris in 1955. He served his apprenticeship in Mirecourt at Jean Eulry’s then worked several years at Charles Beare’s in London.
He joined his father in 1979 as a collaborator , whom he succeeds in 1984.


Born in 1983, he begins his apprenticeship in September 2003 in Mirecourt at Jean-Jacques Pagès International School of Violin Making then at Roland Terrier’s for a year in 2006. He then goes to New York for two years to complete his apprenticeship at  the famous violin maker Christophe Landon. In 2009 he joins his father as a collaborator  in the Parisian workshop.